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Subject Busan Asian Film School is recruiting fellows for the 2022 Online International Film Business Academy
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International Film Business Academy, Busan Asian Film School

Call for Applications for 2022 Admission



The Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) is recruiting fellows for the 2022 International Film Business Academy.


The 2022 International Film Business Academy (IFBA) is composed of two programs: a three month ‘Online Program’ for the spring semester, and a three month ‘Intensive Program’ for the fall semester, in Busan, Korea. Fellows for the Intensive Program will be selected from among the graduates attending the spring Online Program.


The International Film Business Academy, an educational program specializing in producing film, has been a regular annual program at Busan Asian Film School since it welcomed its very first fellows in 2017. AFiS has fostered producers via a curriculum that includes development of a feature-length project plus courses on investment, film policy, marketing and distribution, and more. Over the past four years, 88 alumni from 25 countries have graduated from the International Film Business Academy.


WHITE BUILDING, a feature film developed at AFiS in 2017, made it to the Orizzonti Competition at the Venice International Film Festival in 2021. Also, diverse projects developed by alumni and fellows of AFiS are thriving at domestic and international feature film production support programs, such as Locarno’s Open Doors Hub and BIFF Asian Project Market.


Anyone interested and passionate in filmmaking is sincerely welcome to apply.





1. Course Description and Number of Admitted Applicants

Course: International Film Business Academy Online Program (Producing)

Course length: 3 months, 12 weeks in total from March to May

Admitted applicants: 30 (including 2 Busan residents under the Busan quota)

* Detailed course schedule including starting dates will be announced later.

* The number of admitted applicants is subject to change depending on the pool of applicants.


2. Application & Selection Schedule



Time Period


Open Call for Submissions

September 13, 2021 - November 30, 2021


Application Period

November 1, 2021 - November 30, 2021


First Screening (documents, portfolio, proposal for a feature-length narrative film)

December 3 - December 9, 2021


Announcement of Shortlisted Candidates

December 16, 2021

Website, Direct Contact

Second Screening (interviews)

January 10 - 14, 2022

Conducted Online

Final Announcement of Admission Decisions

January 21, 2022


Direct Contact

*This schedule may be subject to change.



3. Qualifications

A. Must have U.N.-defined “Asian” nationality or Taiwanese Nationality

- Please refer to the list of nations eligible to apply for the International Film Business Academy 2022. <Appendix 1>

B. There are no restrictions based on academic qualifications or age. Korean men must show proof of completion or exemption of mandatory military service.

C. Must be competent in English (all coursework will be conducted in English)


4. Benefits Provided to Admitted 2022 Fellows

A. Tuition fees will be covered by a full scholarship

B. Qualification for 2022 International Film Business Academy Intensive Program will

be given.

* International Film Business Academy Intensive Program will be held in Busan

for 3 month(Mid July-October). Only Online International Film Business Academy

graduates can apply for the Intensive Program (total quota of 20)




1. Application Information


A. Application Period

- Applications will be received from 9 AM on November 1, 2021 to 6 PM on November 30, 2021 (Korean time).


B. Details for Submission

- Fill out the online application on the AFiS Academy application page at Combine the documents mentioned below into a single PDF file, and attach the PDF file for the last step.

- The online application will be visible during the application period.


C. Items to Be Submitted

1) Online application


Application Form

* All forms must be completed in English.

1. Application form

2. Personal statement (500 words or less)

3. Statement of purpose (500 words or less)

4. Self-introduction video (2 minutes or less)

* Provide online links to Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

5. Summary of work experience (500 words or less)

* Please focus on experience related to film production or the film business.

6. Portfolio introduction (500 words or less)

* Portfolio: Up to 2 works that can show the applicant’s potential as a film producer. Short or feature films, videos, novels, photographs, academic theses, etc are all acceptable.

7. Portfolio video

* Provide online links to Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

* If submitting a video file, please submit works which contain the applicant’s name in the end credits, whether it be in film, TV, web content or exhibited work. If you want to submit portfolio in other ways than online links, please ask for help via email (

7. Project proposal for a feature-length narrative film

- Logline (50 words or less)

- Development idea (background, concept, intent, etc.) (300 words or less)

- Synopsis (400 words or less)

- Financing plan (250 words or less)




2) Required Documents to be attached

- Attach the documents mentioned below one by one. If a document consists of

more than a file, combine the files into a single PDF file.

- If you want to submit other documents that might help your application, compress all the documents into a zip file and name it “Name_Nationality”

ex) Kimafis_Korea.pdf

* Documents written in languages other than English or Korean must be translated into English or

Korean and notarized upon submission.

* When a Korean male applicant is selected at the final screening, they must submit an original copy of Abstract of Resident Registration (주민등록초본) which confirm his completion or exemption of

military service by post office. Copies must be dated within 3 months of application period.


Required Documents

1. Applicant’s completed academic degree, certificate of expected graduation in 2022,

or proof of enrollment

2. Applicant’s curriculum vitae (in any format)

3. Recommendation letter (form attached) from a person directly related to or working

in the film industry (this may include members of AFCNet)

4. Certification of working experience (Optional)

5. Other documents (Optional)


D. Where to Submit: Online Application Page at the AFiS Academy (




1. Outline

A. Applicants who receive the highest scores based on the overall application will be selected.

B. Scores received during the first round of screening will not affect the scores of the second round.

C. Busan Asian Film School will not select applicants whose total score fails to meet internal standards, regardless of entrance quotas.


2. Distribution of Points


First Screening

Application evaluation

50 points

Portfolio evaluation

30 points

Evaluation for the project proposal

20 points

Second Screening


100 points





1. Start of program

March 2022 (details will be announced at a later date)


2. Enrollment

A. Enrollment period: February, 2022 (details will be announced)

B. Tuition: All admitted applicants will have tuition fees exempted (details will be announced at a later date)

C. Announcements: The announcement of shortlisted candidates and final admission decisions will be made available on, and by direct contact.

* Selected applicants who do not enroll within the time frame will be seen as forfeiting their admissions.



Please forward any queries regarding curriculum, admissions, etc. to



1. Application Guide for 2022 Admission

2. List of nations eligible to apply for the International Film Business Academy 2022

3. Form for Recommendation Letter (required)