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Subject Busan Asian Film School is recruiting fellows for the 2022 International Film Business Academy Intensive Program
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International Film Business Academy - Intensive Program

Busan Asian Film School


Call for Application for 2022 Admission



Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) is recruiting fellows for the 2022 International Film Business Academy - Intensive Program. Only fellows who will complete the online program for 2022 can apply to the Intensive Program. Please refer to the below contents regarding the process and the information of Intensive Program.




1. Course Description and Number of Admitted Applicants

Course: International Film Business Academy - Intensive Program (Producing)


Course length: 4 months, 15 weeks in total from August 8 to November 18, 2022

* The schedule could be changed; it will be confirmed in early June.


Venue: Busan, Korea (On-Site)

* If the number of applicants who can come to Busan to join the program is less than 10, AFiS will open an Online Course for the Intensive Program together with the On-Site Program.


Admitted applicants: around 19 fellows

* In case AFiS opens classes online, there is a possibility to accept around 19 fellows.

* The number of admitted applicants is subject to change depending on the pool of applicants.

* Detailed course schedule, including start dates, will be announced later.


2. Application & Selection Schedule



Time Period


Application Period

May 16, 2022 - May 20, 2022



May 26, 2022 - May 28, 2022


Final Announcement of Admission Decisions

June 10, 2022


Direct Contact

*This schedule may be subject to change.



3. Qualifications: Registered fellows at the 2022 Online International Film Business

Academy who are expected to successfully complete the program

The result of course completion will be announced on June 3.


4. Benefits Provided to Admitted 2022 Fellows

A. Tuition fees covered by a full scholarship

B. Round-trip airfare provided to non-Korean fellows (details to be given later)

C. Dormitory room provided during the semester

Self-pay costs

· Visa application fee for D-4-2

· Self-quarantine fee for prevention of COVID-19

· Cost of living, health care costs, etc. during the stay in Busan

For the admitted applicants for the online course for the Intensive Program, only tuition fee will be covered by a full scholarship.



1. Application Information


A. Application Period

- Applications will be received from 9 AM on May 16, 2022 to 6 PM on May 20, 2022 (Korean time).


B. Cautionary Remarks

- Applicants should be sure to read all instructions thoroughly and submit the completed online application and email package before the deadline. The applicant will be responsible for any misunderstanding or mistakes in the application process.

- No scores will be revealed during the application process.

- Any further issues not covered on this form will be determined by the school.





1. Outline

A. Applicants who receive the highest scores based on the overall application will be selected.

B. Busan Asian Film School will not select applicants whose total score fails to meet internal standards, regardless of entrance quotas.


2. Distribution of Points





Evaluation on the applicant’s accomplishments during the 2022 Online IFBA Program

70 points

Project Proposals (treatment included)

30 points





1. Start of program

August 2022, 2022 (details will be announced)


2. Enrollment

A. Enrollment period: June, 2022 (details will be announced)

B. Tuition: All admitted applicants will have tuition fees exempted (details will be announced at a later date)

C. Announcements: The announcement of shortlisted candidates and final admission decisions will be made available on, and by direct contact.

* Selected applicants who do not enroll within the time frame will be seen as forfeiting their admissions.



Please forward any queries regarding curriculum, admissions, housing, etc. to



1. Application Guide

2. Application Form