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Subject 2022 International Co-Production Support Program ‘Take a Short in Busan’ for New Asian Producers Network (NAPNet) Members
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2022 International Co-Production Support Program ‘Take a Short in Busan’

for New Asian Producers Network (NAPNet) Members


Busan Asian Film School is launching a support program for New Asian Producers Network (NAPNet) members to take an international co-produced short film in Busan. The selected short film project must be an international co-production work that NAPNet members participate in as producers or directors of the project. Also, more than 50% of the filming dates should take place in Busan. All NAPNet members who are interested in the support program are welcome to apply.



I. Overview

□ Title: 2022 International Co-Production Support Program - ‘Take a Short in Busan’ for New Asian Producers Network (NAPNet) Members

□ Period of Program: 5. 18 , 2022 - 12. 23, 2022

□ Program Description: Busan Asian Film School supports school facilities, shooting equipment, and airfare to NAPNet members who want to shoot an international co-production short film in Busan.

□ The Number of Supported Work: 1 Project


. Application & Selection Schedule

□ Announcement for Recruitment: 5. 18, 2022 - 6. 10, 2022

□ Application Period: 6. 2, 2022 - 6. 10, 2022, 6 PM (KST)

□ Required Documents for Application: Application Form (attached), Financing Plan (free form), Script

□ Method of Application:

□ Period of Evaluation: 6. 13, 2022 - 6. 17, 2022

□ Evaluation Process: Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) will select 1 project through evaluation based on the applications submitted in time.

□ Announcement of the Selected Project: 6. 23, 2022

Subject to change depending on internal circumstances


. Qualifications

□ More than one NAPNet member must be a producer or director of the project

□ The project must be an international co-production Short Film project (around 20 minutes) - at least between 2 countries

□ More than one local film staff from Busan should be involved in producing

□ More than 50% of Filming days in Busan

    One applicant can submit multiple projects.

    However, each of the applications must be submitted separately to Busan Asian Film School.


. Benefits of the Program

Facility Support

 ○ Dormitory

   - Available in July or December 2022, January 2023

(During the period where International Film Business Academy is not in process)

   - A maximum of 30 days of dormitory use is offered to NAPNet members, staff, and actors/actresses.

    The period of stay is pre-negotiable depending on the dormitory condition

 ○ Educational Facility: A maximum of 30 days of rental is available in a classroom, studio, or post-production facility.

 ○ Filming Equipment: Rental is available with the price equivalent to 2 million (KRW) - (AFiS rental rate will be applied) for maximum 7 days.

Budget Support: Round-trip airfare (Maximum 2 million KRW - Between Abroad and Korea) for staffs on Directing/Producing/Shooting/Sound, or actors/actresses

    Economy seat fare only. No support for additional luggage charge.

    The support fund will be deposited when the requested submission is completed.

- Round-trip itinerary, receipt, boarding pass, bank account information, passport copy

(a return ticket could be submitted later)

    The entry date must be before 12. 16, 2022. 

  ※ Airfare support is a maximum of 2 million KRW (remittance charge not included) on one project, no matter how many talents you bring.

  An exact price written on the airfare receipt will be reimbursed if the sum of airfare is under 2 million KRW.

  If an entrant is more than one person, they must submit the requested documents each.

   And the airfare will be wired into each bank account.

 ○ Busan Asian Film School will provide document support for visa.

 ○ Busan Film Commission will provide location scouting support for the project.



. Obligations of the Supported Project

□ The final film must be submitted to Busan Asian Film School by 10. 31, 2023.

□ Must specify ‘This film is supported by Busan Asian Film School’ on the ending credit, and put the logos of Busan Film Commission and Busan Asian Film School as well.

□ Provide the school steel-cuts and video clips of the supported film if it is requested by Busan Asian Film School for nonprofit screenings, education, or promotional purposes.

□ Must submit ‘Production Report’ (prescribed form) after completing the project.

   Must agree on the written oath if your project is selected.



. Contact

 ○ Busan Asian Film School: