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Director of Busan Film Commission
Director of Busan Asian Film School

Hello, and welcome to the Busan Asian Film School

Busan Asian Film School, is Asia's first international film business academy, and was established in order to train the core players of the film industry that will prepare them to be globalized.

We will foster and teach producers in Asia, which is receiving worldwide focus regarding the film industry. By offering a high level of education with an emphasis on hands-on workshop programs, we will encourage originality and talent for future filmmakers. In addition, the goal of the Busan Asian Film School is to act as a base to raise networking opportunities with Asian filmmakers, and act as a hub of international co-production with bright filmmakers through active exchanges. The goal of Busan Asian Film School is to contribute to the development of the Korean movie industry through the activation of the Busan film industry, and devote its focus to the Busan regional and domestic film development and respective talent. We will work to build a variety of collaboration models with universities and organizations in the region, and place our endeavors in the co-development of joint projects. Movies are a major cultural industry in the 21st century, and with its contents, can most directly connect the world. With a deeper and diversified focus on education, we hope to actively grow not only local talent, but will foster cultural exchange and dialogue, thus becoming a leader in education.

We look forward to your passion and the challenges we will encounter together.