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“For citizens of Cine City of Busan who always provides support, AFiS presents beneficial education programs every year”
Busan Film Academy is education for Busan citizens. Specifically education for filmmakers, education for citizens, and education for Youth is operated.
Education for Filmmakers

It is offered for local filmmakers and film students to develop their skills to professional standards and to reinforce the competitiveness of the Busan film industry

Education for Busan Citizens

It is a cultural program for public. Attendees can gain diverse perspectives on film and get closer to the industry through the program. It is a chance to develop a broad understanding of filmmaking, popular culture and film, film history and to improve film related knowledge.

Education for Youth

It provides opportunities for teenagers aged 13-18 to experience the filmmaking process and to learn a variety of roles and careers in film industry. It is designed to offer a range of experiences within the film industry including dubbing, shooting, acting, and more.

AFiS Academy

AFiS Academy is an online education platform developed and operated by AFiS. VOD lectures regarding Korean film industry are offered to public. It is a way to broaden educational opportunity internationally.

※ All courses of Busan Film Academy can be applied through AFiS Academy